Craig Durkee has been a professional FMX rider for over 4 years. His first show was an exhibition for Pace during a Monster Jam and Quad Wars event at America West Arena in Phoenix. Craig, along with Jeff Doetzer, John Distler and Robert Distler, stole the show from the Monster Trucks on what they called a "gay jump". At only a 55' gap and 4' tall lip and landing, they were able to put on an awsome show for shell shocked fans expecting the best show to be the Monster Trucks. There were two test markets that weekend, one here in Phoenix, the other in the North East. The Phoenix FMX exhibition was such a success that PACE decided to drop the Monster Trucks and Quad Wars event and run a stand along FMX competition instead. Craig was one of the original FMX riders in Arizona and has been having fun with FMX ever sence. As you can see, he can bust big.

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