Tools Required
Don't start without access to these for building the Rev.1 ramp

MIG welder [stick welder is OK but you must use .120 thick metal]
4", or 4 " or 6" angle grinder
Reciprocating Saw [Hack Saw will work, just more physical work]
4" or larger vise
2 - Vise Grips with a 6" throat
4 - " pipe clamps 5' long [optional but worth the investment]
14" metal cut-off saw [Reciprocating Saw or Hack Saw will work but not adviseable]
Bench type Metal Grinder
Drill index from 1/8" to "
4' level
Large Carpenters Square
25' tape measure
8', or taller, stepladder
Valve Action Paint Marker
Metal Scribe
Paint Sprayer

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