Tyler Polk is the biggest single reason there are over 10 Professional FMX riders in the Phoenix area. Back in 1998, John and Robert Distler was invited to the IFMA World Finals in Las Vegas. They were so suprised at the steep lips and the size of the jumps. Mike Metzger was so cool to them and spent over 20 minutes talking to them and, most of all, giving them a pointer "build yourselves a big hit like you jumped here and practice on it". That was what they needed and Tyler was the builder of the first full fledged FMX hit in the area. Tyler drove heavy equipment during the week but on weekends he busted out some nice tricks. Like most FMX riders, he has suffered several injuries but none of them could hold him back. 2002 finds him healthy and traveling all over the USA building courses for shows and competitions. Sometimes he will park the dozer and pull nice tricks like below