This is a listing of used ramps presently avialable from or through FMX Ramps.

Update July, 2011
Used Suspended Open Trailer Ramp

This ramp is located in Marion, N.C., 28752
His phone # is 1-828-559-0427
Email Thomas Spry ---> thekreator28 [at] (but replace the [at] with @ to help Thomas not get spammed from a hot link.

This ramp only needs a good wash, and some primer on the expanded, but other than that it's in excellent condition. No brakes or cracks anywhere. He doesn't have the compressor for the suspension anymore (someone borrowed it and tore it up). Any regular carry along compressor will work fine for it (Like you plug in a car lighter). Asking $2650.00 for it and you will need to pick this up from NC.

Used Rev 2 Suspended Open Trailer Ramp

for sale. It was custom built for John Distler back in 2004. This unit can haul up to 4 bikes. Two under the top and one on each side at the front of the ramp.

The picture above is of this ramp's sister that only hauled the 2 bikes under the top, not 4 bikes.

This ramp had been used three times and was sold to a rider in in Utah named Sylvon Hall in the summer of 2007 . Sylvon found that this ramp will not work for his natural riding terrain so he asked us to help him sell this ramp so he can get a new Rev 3 trailer ramp. He loved the pop but regrets it will not work without a stand along landing.

This trailer ramp uses a torsion axle on a swingarm type mechanism and uses all top quality parts. Cost on materials along for this ramp was over $2,200.00 at the time but the last one FMX ramps built cost over $3,300.00 in materials. That is NOT including labor and shop expendables. There are no corners cut on this unit.

Since Sylvon purchased this ramp he has added some new features, some which FMX Ramps is considering adapting to their standard trailer ramps. The second and third pictures above show the latest configuration of this ramp. This ramp is priced at $4,000.00.

If interested, contact Sylvon directly by phone: (801) 358-4432

A custom Ramp located in CA

This ramp is posted on this site on July 29th, 2008

The ramp is 9'2'' tall 25' long and 3 1/2' wide. It folds up twice into 15' long.
You can purchase this ramp for $1800.00
The ramp is located in Lemoore, CA
Cell (559)633-0162
You can email Kyle Clagg at reptheegg [at]
To reduce SPAM for Kyle, replace the [at] with @ and remove the spaces before and after the [at] .